Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wrapping Up the Web 2.0 Class

Well, it's 8:45 on a Sunday evening, and I've just finished the last of the assignments for my Web 2.0 class.  Yay, no work at all this week...I can sleep in tomorrow morning.  However, my sincere apology to my class leader who has to work tomorrow grading the projects I (and others, I suspect) didn't finish until the last minute.  I owe you one, Johnnie!

During these two weeks (or was it three), I created this blog, a wiki, a Glog (yes, you heard right), a Library Orientation video using Photo Story 3, and even subscribed to Google Reader.  I also was introduced to and created a website for my school library including an embedded Google Calendar.  So, yes, I was VERY busy, but the knowledge I gained and the tools I now have at my disposal are invaluable.

I'm very much an "as-needed" opposed to "just in case."  So, this class was a godsend.  I'd been meaning to try out all of these new social networking tools and create a website, but without this class and its strict deadlines, I might not have gotten to it for a long time.  Now, I have so many things to add to my resume/portfolio and a whole new arsenal of tools for communicating, teaching, networking, etc.

I plan on using the blog frequently (and creating at least one more for my online business).  I've already sent the link to my Lang Library website to all of the Lang MS staff, and have eliminated the paper schedule in favor of the online one.  If need be, I'll be dragging some teachers into the 21st century!!!  I plan on introducing the Glog format to teachers as an alternative for student projects.  I think the kids would love it, and I'll have fun teaching them how to use it.  I'll be expanding and refining the Library Orientation video, will use it each year...and will add it to my website.  However, the jury is still out on the Wiki.  I find it difficult to use and not nearly as useful as the blog format.  If I need to do a group project with others in separate places, though, I might consider it.  We'll see.

So, enough for now.  I might be more tech-literature than 2 weeks ago, but I'm also bone-tired.  Night all!

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  1. Great ideas Sarah. Check out Elaine Tricoli's blog as she gives links to what to do with blogs and wikis in education. Pretty insightful.