Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Playing with Glogster

Our 6th graders study World History and Geography using the PEGS method (Politics, Economy, Geography, and Social).  Every six weeks, they move on to a new continent, and students have to pick a country to research and present.  To keep it from getting too routine and boring with the same presentation method every time, I decided to introduce Glogging to the teachers in the hopes they would consider this for the next six weeks. 

As an example, I created a Glog of Italy (my favorite country) to show them the possibilities.  I included an audio of the National Anthem, a map with a link to a site with additional maps and geographical information, a plate of spaghetti with a link to an Italian food site, and an Italian flag linking to an explanation.  It was fun, only took about an hour, and offers kids (and teachers) a fun, tech-filled alternative to the same old written report.  Check it out!

4 PEGS of Italy Glog

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